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Happy New Year

You are a blessing. You are the head and not the tail. (Ephesians 1:3) You mattter. You are not an accident. You are fearfully and wonderfully made ( Psalm 139:12-14).

This will be a year of favor for those who rely on Yeshua, Isa, Yeshu. There will be natural disasters but the body of Christ, as they fear the Lord, will be ok. Schools will still be in session. The right leader will start to lead.

There will be a financial breakthrough with the body of Christ for those who use less of the AIs. and start to work for a living. At first it is tough, but many people will start to work again and value themselves and human beings and who they are in Christ at a deeper level.

There will be deeper discipline for those on leadership that are Christian's. There will be earlies and that will bring many back to basics and valuing human life more as well as allowing Jesus to heal.

There will be a greater authority in church as people who come back to the Lord and they will take grounds Joel 2, the apostles will rise up and come forth. Praise Him. They will no longer be called specials but mighty in the Lord and the new age will start to yield. Praise Him.

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Norman Pryor
Norman Pryor
Feb 20

Great posts. Keep it up!

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